A new and better way to team up and crowdsource your projects for free. Earn and build without compromise or risk.


The software industry is broken. Or at least we think some parts of it are. The rise of freelancing and rent-a-coder sites has brought in an influx of incredibly cheap labour and businesses are resorting to them more and more. Developers are left caught between a rock and a hard place, do they sell their labour on the cheap, try to sell their own products or give up and spend any spare time contributing to open source projects for free? As the industry moves further and further into an environment which benefits only the largest players in the market, neither option with earning potential are looking to become any more feasible.


In comes, a crowdsourcing alternative that aims to help developers form up in teams, build and then distribute their projects. By working with open source-esque ideologies, developers can develop ambitious projects but with the potential of earning an income. As contributors build they earn contribution which acts as a means of splitting their share of the profits when distributing their product through’s online store and selling tools. No longer do developers have to choose between earning nothing for their contributions (as in open source software development) earning next to nothing for freelancing or taking a risk to set up their own business. removes the need for head hunting, physical office space and investment which helps to eliminate business and financial risk, and by offering selling tools and a store to sell on, developers don’t have to worry about competing on over saturated market places – breaking down yet more barriers to entry of the market.


We’ve spent a long time thinking about and building and we genuinely believe this can change the way people work and earn from their own projects. For more information have a look at “What is” available at


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