Lightfoot Mobile App

The Lightfoot Driver app is a truly top quality, state-of-the-art mobile app for iOS and Android. It allows drivers with a Lightfoot device installed in their car to win prizes, enter leagues and manage their driving experience.

Handyman Interactive was brought in by the folks over at Lightfoot to rebuild their mobile apps from the ground up. We opted for a fully native approach for both iOS and Android and created a completely bespoke design to create a top-quality, award-winning finish.

Our development teams had to integrate straight into a large, internal engineering department at Lightfoot and hit the ground running with a total rebuild of 7 years worth of front-end product. We worked closely with Lightfoot engineers and helped bring their internal systems up to a level where they could be integrated easily with mobile technologies, making the app robust and reliable. The final product is a beautiful, powerful and easy to use application that has boosted engagement and customer satisfaction with the Lightfoot service. is a collaboration platform for people looking to profit share in teams, creating an entirely new way of starting up businesses.

We took on the massive undertaking of building, a collaboration platform with a focus on profit sharing. The platform contains a bespoke design, an entire project management suite (including task management and chat applications), payment processing functionality, internal and external APIs, administrative tools and much, much more.

We worked with some incredible technologies on this huge project. In order to keep the many moving parts working correctly, we opted to use Kubernetes to orchestrate our containerised microservices which were compiled and built using Continuous Integration and Deployment. This made for an incredibly agile development process that enabled us to iterate quickly to meet customer demands without taking a hit to service reliability.

Projects we've worked on

Landmrk (Full-stack)

We help Landmrk deliver incredible AR/Geo-campaigns for festival and event-goers through dedicated engineering teams working on CRM and admin tools built in RoR and mobile interfaces created in React.

Lightfoot Driver (iOS, Android)

Lightfoot Driver apps gamify and incentivise the driving performance of both commercial and private drivers. For this award-winning product, we built beautiful, fully native, bespoke applications with custom animations and effects.

Earnie (Full-stack)

A highly scalable, distributed system built using a microservices-based architecture. In order to develop at scale and pace, DevOps pipelines and full unit/integration testing suites were built alongside this industry-grade system.

Lightfoot Fleet (iOS, Android)

A real-time, live tracking app for Fleet Managers to view, track, locate and navigate to their fleet vehicles. Built using native mobile technologies, these apps are highly performant and bespoke.

Herd (iOS, Web)

Herd, a transport management system aiming to transform the group transportation industry. Includes administrative tools for both the bus companies and Herd employees, as well as a consumer app.

Participass (iOS)

A payment tool focussed on group payment systems, incorporating innovative new techniques to the payment processing industry.

Syrch (iOS)

A social network built for those in education to help bring together and facilitate interactions between both tutors and students.

Business Review (Web)

A web-based application allowing for Retailers to review and appraise their Suppliers.

Fixxperts (iOS)

A tool to bring together facility managers and contractors and reduce the complexity of finding, booking and paying for their services.

Bar2Bar (iOS)

A bespoke, native iOS application allowing for customers of Bar2Bar to purchase their bus tickets and schedule a bus pickup.