AppTracker Deluxe is an innovative iPhone application that allows the user to track the prices of and set target prices for applications on the App Store.

Why not download a new and original iOS application that will help you to find new ways to save on App Store essentials? Handyman’s brand new, easy-to-use AppTracker is the perfect way to save your pennies. Using the Premium version of this innovative application, you will be able to search for and track your favourite iOS apps until they have dropped to a price you are comfortable with. After searching the app store through Handyman Interactive’s unique search tool, you will be able to add an unlimited number of apps to your personal tracking list, which will fast become your app saving directory. In addition to receiving indicators of any change in the prices of your tracked applications, you will be alerted to any of them reaching your desired price by a push notification sent by our on-the-go servers. Following this, head to the App Store through AppTracker and purchase that app that you have been waiting to buy at the price you are willing to pay. The perfect way to save on all your essential iOS needs!

Projects we've worked on

Herd (iOS, Web)

Herd, a transport management system aiming to transform the group transportation industry. Includes administrative tools for both the bus companies and Herd employees, as well as a consumer app.

Participass (iOS)

A payment tool focussed on group payment systems, incorporating innovative new techniques to the payment processing industry.

Syrch (iOS)

A social network built for those in education to help bring together and facilitate interactions between both tutors and students.

Business Review (Web)

A web-based application allowing for Retailers to review and appraise their Suppliers.

Fixxperts (iOS)

A tool to bring together facility managers and contractors and reduce the complexity of finding, booking and paying for their services.

Bar2Bar (iOS)

A bespoke, native iOS application allowing for customers of Bar2Bar to purchase their bus tickets and schedule a bus pickup.

Private Network (iOS)

Private Network by Fixxbook is an iOS application that acts as a directory for external suppliers. Allowing for proximity based search, communication and account management.