Welcome to the new Handyman Interactive website

Hello! It’s been a while.


While it may seem that we’ve been MIA for quite some time now, we’ve actually been busy working on projects from all over the world. It’s been real good fun and it’s been a joy to work with such interesting people. But we decided to spend a little time focussing on ourselves and we started with a whole new look. Not only have we got a flashy new logo but the entire site has been rebuilt from the ground up – and of course feel free to send us feedback about what you do and don’t like. Because of the length of time since we worked on our previous apps, mainly AppTracker, we’ve decided to bring an end to the current version and it’ll shortly be removed from the App Store. Fret not, however, as we will almost certainly revisit the product at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.¬†We’re also excited to get a couple of entirely new products out there so stay tuned for those.


That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the new site and watch this space,

The Handyman Interactive team